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What’s the difference between the house that you see and the house you print?

What’s in the house?It’s not just a house.It’s an idea.It takes time.You need to build it.It needs to stand out.You don’t want to make it too small, too plain.You want it to stand in the center of your home.You have to create something unique and interesting.And once you create it, you can never go back.The […]

The Digital House: Why It Matters and Why It Can Change the Way We Design, Print, and Store Our Lives

A digital house, or house print, is a small print with a digital format that can be printed or digital-printed.It is an inexpensive way to create prints that can also be used for other things.A digital print is also a great way to add a touch of personality to a print, a way to bring […]

What we know about the missing letters from the BCBCs missing pages

A missing letter from the British Columbia First Nations newspaper, The Herald, has been found.The letter is one of three that have been missing from the paper’s website for at least two months, and was reported missing by its publisher in February.The Herald has been at the centre of a legal battle over copyright over […]

‘I don’t believe the guy who wrote that is a racist’: Black student’s Facebook rant is an example of how racism can affect us

I don’t know who the guy wrote that, but the fact is, the only thing we are seeing now is racism.The reason I’m saying that is because it is an extension of the same kind of racism that I’m seeing on social media.It is racism that is creating these divisions, which is why it is […]

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