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House printer,print shop,LONDON: ‘Luxury’ London house printer sells for £9m in UK

LONDON: A house printer in London’s affluent West End sold for £8.5 million (AU$11.7 million) on Monday.The property is on the outskirts of Westminster, which is home to the Houses of Parliament.The house, which was built in 2012, has been the subject of a number of renovation projects.In 2013, the property sold for $7.5million.The owner, […]

What to Know About the New ‘House Prints’ Machine from Amazon’s ‘Bidder’ program

Now Playing: Amazon’s new bidder machine could be the ultimate print shop Now Playing ‘Amazon’s Bidder’ machine could save millions of dollars for youNow Playing: Here’s how Amazon will use 3D printing to replace its warehouses Now Playing Amazon’s Bidner could make your office more productiveNow Playing Amazon wants to make it easier for you […]

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