Lillie’s house to open as book printing house in 2019

A small, new book printing and book publishing company called Lillies House is opening in the historic town of Hamilton, Indiana, on Friday, the company announced.

The company is a division of the Ingram Group, which is a company that specializes in book printing, according to a press release from the company.

The announcement comes a day after Ingram announced that it had reached a deal with a small publisher called Greenhill Books to produce the new book and digital book.

Ingram is also bringing in new book publishers.

Lillys House will be located on the site of a historic mill where Henry Ford built the first automobile manufacturing plant in 1908.

Ingram said that the building, which includes a collection of old buildings and other historic artifacts, will be used as the book printing shop.

The new Lillydays House will have a space for books and other media.

The location will include a cafe, a small kitchen, and a meeting room, according the press release.

Lellie M. Jones, the co-founder of Lillylies House, said in a statement that she and her husband have “had a great experience with the Ingrams Group” and are looking forward to welcoming the new company.

“We know we have a very special partnership with the team at Ingrams and are thrilled to be able to bring this amazing book printing service to the Indiana community,” she said.

“I’m honored to be the first lady to welcome the Lilly’s House team to Indiana and excited to work with them to provide a great place for all who love books.”

The news of the new LILLY’S HOUSE book printing facility comes just days after Ingram signed a deal to develop the next generation of digital book titles for Apple.

The deal also includes a partnership with Random House, which has signed deals with Apple and Microsoft.

Ingram also announced that Amazon will publish its own Kindle e-book in 2019.

The move comes as Amazon has been in the news for making several high-profile changes to its e-books platform in recent months.

In September, the digital publishing company announced that Kindle users could pay $1.99 a month to access the company’s e-reader service.

In January, Amazon added a feature that allowed Amazon customers to pay $10 for books in the Kindle store.

Ingram has been one of Amazon’s biggest digital publishers.

It has published over 200 titles for Amazon Kindle, the Kindle eReader, and the iPad, as well as a number of titles for other devices, including the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear S2.

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