How to get your new ‘The New York Times’ app installed on the iPhone 4S and 5

If you’re using the new iPhone 4s or 5, you’ll probably want to make sure your browser and other apps are updated.

The latest version of Safari for iPhone 4 and 5 includes support for “HTML5 canvas” and the “Flash Player” JavaScript engine.

The only caveat is that you’ll need to download the “HTML 5 canvas” version of the app from Apple.

For the iPhone 5S and 6, that’s an option, but it’s not as easy as you might think.

It’s a bit more complicated, though, as “Safari for iPhone” doesn’t support the “flash player” JavaScript.

In short, if you’re trying to use the iPhone on a PC or Mac, you need to install “Safer Web Apps for iPhone 5” to your device.

It is available in the App Store, but you’ll have to download it separately.

You can also install “Flash” from the web.

The iPhone 5s and 6 are supported by Safari on both the 4S model and the 5S model.

There are also “Firefox” versions of Safari, which support Flash Player on the 4s and 5S, but aren’t yet compatible with the 5s.

The Flash Player version of “SafeWeb” is a separate app, but Safari’s “Sprint” browser plugin can’t run it.

There’s also a version of Firefox for the iPhone, called “FireFox Lite,” that can run “SafiWeb” on the 5 and 6.

But you’ll still need to get the “Ssafari for iOS” update from Apple if you want to use Safari on your iPhone.

The official guide to “Saver” on Safari, “Savers Safari,” is still available on the Safari website.

For a more thorough tutorial, you can read the official “S Safari for iOS: The Complete Guide” article by Macworld.

To get “S Safari for Mac” for your device, download the app on the Apple App Store.

The “S safari” version will work with Safari on the new iPhones, but not on the old ones.

It does support “Smoother” for older iPhones, though.

You’ll need an active “S browser” account on your Mac to use “SSafeWeb.”

You can get the app and a link to install it by signing into your Apple ID on your device (and signing out of it).

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