BALTIC: The House Printing Company is ready to roll in North America

BALTIMORE — It’s been an amazing year for house printing.

The Atlantic printed more than 6,000 houses in 2015, with the print shop in Baltimore printing more than 1,500 homes this year.

The printing company, called BALTI, is gearing up to make more printing space available.

Its new facility is in downtown Baltimore, and it’s opening soon to open a new space in the North End.

The company is the first American printing company to make printing space in North American.

“We have to expand our footprint in order to stay competitive in a global market,” said BALTIFORM’s President and CEO, Matt Karp, in a phone interview.

The company’s business has grown to more than 40 employees, which will be expanded with a new building, Karp said.

The new printing space will have an office and a large kitchen area.

Karp also said the company will hire more than 50 new workers in 2017.

“When you are looking at a printing space, you’re looking at an office,” he said.

“It’s a lot like your apartment, it’s a very large space.”BALTIMOR is the second largest printing company in the United States, behind a company in Portland, Oregon, which has about 20 employees.

The city also is home to the largest commercial printing space on the East Coast, which is in the historic historic building known as The Post Office, which opened in 1924.

The building was a hub for printers from around the world before the Post Office closed in 2009.

Now, with a thriving print shop and a growing digital platform, BALTi is looking to expand to the West Coast, Kars said.

“I think we are the first company that has really gotten to a point where we have a business model that allows us to grow,” Karp told ABC News.

“The company has a lot of infrastructure.

We have a lot more space than the next guy.”

Balti is already printing at a warehouse in Atlanta, which Kars described as “one of the largest printing companies in the world.”

The company has more than 100 employees.

The space at the new printing facility will be used to print books and posters, and the company hopes to make printouts available online.

The print shop will offer printing services at a number of retailers, including, the company said.

It will be open to the public through the end of May.

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