How to make a vegan animal print house

In this video, animal print expert and vegan blogger Stanley printhouse takes us through the process of making a vegan print house.

The process starts with a basic template that includes a print size, size and color.

This template then is applied to a print head and printed.

Once the print head is printed, the print maker cuts out the print, folds the print up, folds it again, and folds it once more.

It’s then placed in the freezer and frozen.

Stanley prints the house to be delivered to a customer.

The print head itself will be used for making a larger print head for a larger project.

Stanleys vegan printhouse is made from paper that is organic, sustainably sourced, and vegan friendly.

The print head that will be printed.

(Stanley print shop)The print house will also contain a compostable tray and a compost bag to keep the print dry and to prevent it from being turned into a garbage pile.

The tray is then sealed with a special silicone sealer that seals the tray and the compost bag and helps keep them sealed from light and moisture.

Once you have the print ready, you have to cut out the design for the print house so that it can fit the printhead.

To do this, you’ll need to use a ruler and a pen to cut a line of the shape that will form the print.

You will also need to tape the print to the printhouse.

Stanly printhouse’s printhead design.

(stanley printshop)Next, you will use your scissors to cut away the excess material.

This will make it easier to use for other prints that will need to be cut.

Once you have cut out a print, you are ready to glue it to the outside of the print box.

Once glue is applied, the glue should not stick to the printed area of the printed house.

Once the glue dries, you can remove the glue from the print by sliding it off the printed part.

Once dry, the finished print can be placed in a container.

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