“New York’s dog house print shop”

A “new breed of print shop,” located in a “dog house” on the corner of Williamsburg and Third Avenue in Manhattan, is opening its doors to the public on Sunday.

The print shop is the brainchild of James Griffin, a former print shop owner who had a large printing business that had gone under due to a lack of funding.

Griffin says that he wanted to start a print shop to provide an outlet for people who wanted to create custom print jobs, which he thinks would be a good fit for print shops.

“People wanted to print their own things, but it was really difficult to find people who were actually capable of doing it,” Griffin told the New York Post.

“We’re the only one in New York, and we’re going to do everything we can to help.”

Griffin’s idea of a print studio came to him when he was in the early stages of running a printing business in Austin, Texas, called The Artful Print Shop, which operated out of a small apartment building.

He wanted to offer a print option that was similar to print shops in New England, where they are located on busy streets, and could be easily accessible by car or subway.

“We wanted to take advantage of that opportunity to create a print environment that was unique to New York City,” Griffin said.

“This was something that would be easy for people to use.”

Griffin and his wife, Lisa, opened their print shop last year, with plans to offer printing services for $45 a day, which is about half the price of a similar shop on Fifth Avenue.

It currently prints all kinds of prints, from wedding invitations to personalized greeting cards.

But the shop is now in the process of expanding its print offerings to include other things, like artwork and posters, and to add more prints for artists and bookstores.

“When I went into the business, I had never done print,” Griffin explained.

“I was a printer who used to work in a print company in Austin.

But this is different, because I’m a professional, and I’m working on a print business.”

Grasso also hopes that the print shop will bring the same atmosphere of creativity that he had while working at a print firm to the print industry.

“I’m very passionate about print, and print is an art form,” Griffin shared.

“It’s not a job you’re looking for or a job that you’re going out there and trying to be good at.

It’s something that is very special to me, and so if I can help create a place that has a place where people can actually be creative and create their own thing, that’s a really cool thing.”

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