When does the printing house schedule start?

On October 2, 2017, the print house of the Hindu magazine will begin its first printing schedule, with the first batch of 150 print copies of the magazine to be printed at the printing houses of the various Indian cities.

These include Bengaluru, Chennai, Chennai-Mysore, Lucknow, Mumbai, Nagpur, Delhi, Jaipur, Pune and Nagpur.

The first batch will be available in six languages and printed on 300 gram paper.

The print houses will also publish print-on-demand services, as well as digital editions. 

The print houses of all India’s printing houses are set to begin printing on October 2.

The launch of the print edition of The Hindu on October 9 is seen as a major step forward for Indian publishing.

In 2016, the online edition of the publication had launched in February 2018.

The print edition is expected to be available for purchase in India from October 1.

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