How to print on a 1.5×1.5 sheet of plywood

The first time I heard about the idea of building a 3D printer to print furniture was during the 2012 Paris Fashion Week show, where the 3D-printed version of the iconic Louis Vuitton bag was unveiled.

At the time, I was just a young tech journalist, so I hadn’t even considered the possibility of printing objects on a surface like a piece of paper, let alone 3D print them.

I was also not really in a position to try it myself, so it was nice to see a project like this succeed.

I had a few days to think about how to make this happen, so after a few hours of trial and error I got the idea to build a 3-D printer that I could print.

And, while it’s a pretty simple process, it was also the perfect starting point to try something different.

A 3D printed 3D model of a piece from Louis Vuits Paris Fashion week bag.

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