‘The House’ is set to debut at the Sundance Film Festival

The House is set for its Sundance premiere on Friday, Dec. 11, in a special screening at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and will also be on display at the Museum of Modern Art and at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Museum of the Rockies.

The show will also feature performances by the band, including the legendary “Rainbow Print House.”

The house is a fictional house owned by the fictional Housewife (Gloria Swinton) in the 1950s, where the members of a family live and work.

Swinton plays the character, while singer-songwriter Mandy Moore plays the wife of the house’s resident, a man named Frank (Miles Teller).

The story is told from Frank’s perspective, but viewers will not see him until the film’s climactic moment.

The House was nominated for an Oscar in 1992 for Best Cinematography, and it won a Golden Globe in 2001 for Best Costume Design.

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