By Mark Wootton, Medical News Daily Managing EditorCoca-Cola International Inc. has been granted a patent for a system that would allow it to restore lost organs in the kidneys, pancreas, liver, pancrea, kidney, and other organs from the dead to the living, according to the patent filing.

The patent application, which was filed in May, is titled “System and Method of Restoring Organoid in Dead Organoid,” and describes the process by which an organoid is reattached to the body.

The patent describes the system as a system for restoring organs from deceased or otherwise incapacitated organs to the live, healthy organs of the person undergoing the surgery.

The system is not yet a working system, and a patent filing with the USPTO shows that the company is in the process of refining the system and may include enhancements over the current system in the future.

Coca Cola is a global beverage company with operations in over 140 countries and territories.

It owns and operates the Coca-Cola Bottled Water brand and PepsiCo Inc. products.

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