Why does the printing industry need to make a comeback?

Posted November 18, 2018 09:31:00 A lot of people believe in the printing and publishing industries, and there is a sense that they are going to return in a big way.

Unfortunately, the printing companies have failed to turn around their fortunes.

The industry has been suffering because of the printing press’ low price of $1.20 per sheet, and the inability to keep up with increasing demand from the digital economy.

There is a fear that printing will not survive in a world of e-commerce, so printing houses have been forced to seek a return to print in a very expensive way.

It is no wonder that the industry is struggling financially.

The reason is that, even with a high quality printing, there are still too many print jobs for the printing houses.

And this is not good news for the print industry.

In the past, printing was a very low-cost way to make money, because there was very little competition.

But that changed with the advent of the Internet, which opened up new avenues of economic opportunity.

People are not willing to pay as much as they used to for high-quality printing, and many printers now make more money than they used.

The same is true for most other print jobs.

Printing companies have been able to profit off of this.

It would be nice to see the printing industries return to a level of profitability that would allow them to expand their businesses.

There is also a lot of uncertainty about what the future will bring for the industry.

Printing is a major source of income for many print houses, and they are hoping that digital printing will help revive the print business.

But in the past few years, print costs have risen, and with that comes a huge increase in the costs of printing.

It seems that printing companies are still losing money on each sheet, despite the fact that their costs are still lower than the printing price.

This has created a lot more uncertainty about the future for the business.

The future for print businesses will depend on whether print prices remain low enough to allow them expand, or if they need to increase prices to bring in new revenue.

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