A national printing house is going to the port of Seattle to print the presidential inauguration

The National Printing House is launching a national print shop for President Donald Trump.

The National Printing Office of the United States (NPO) has been looking to expand its print capabilities in the past year, and now it has chosen Seattle as its new home.NPO CEO Peter Nolte said that this new location is a perfect location for the company.

NPO is the nation’s largest printing house, and its mission is to provide a place where people can come and print their messages on their own, he said.

This expansion will be a great addition to our print operations and our printing partners, NPO said in a statement.

This is a critical time for our company.

The United States is the world’s largest market for print and technology products, and the President has a great opportunity to leverage the technology and business expertise of our company to help us reach even more people around the world,” Noltesaid.

The NPO has already printed President Barack Obama’s 2016 inauguration and Vice President Mike Pence’s inaugural balls.

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