‘It’s a small place’: A tiny printing house in Canada’s Beelis Hills opens for business

When Lily and her husband Brian moved into their modest, one-bedroom cottage in the rural community of Beelins, they wanted to make their new home their own.

But it wasn’t until a couple of years later that the couple found themselves looking into the printing industry for a home to print their own goods.

The couple, who have been printing for over 30 years, knew they had to have the equipment to print, but didn’t have the money.

So they made the leap and purchased their first printer in 2015 from a company that specializes in printing in the US.

“We wanted a small printing house to print our things, and we didn’t want to take on the printing house that was in town,” said Lily, a registered nurse.

“So we started out by buying a few printers.

We bought a couple in Ontario and a couple from Canada.

Then we started building out the printing room.”

A few years later, they found a printer in Canada, a place that was already well established.

And the couple says the printing business they are building is one of the few in Canada to be located in a small community and operate in a quiet, rural setting.

“There are a few print shops that have a lot of staff, but it’s not necessarily a print shop that’s a print house,” said Brian, who lives in Oshawa.

“We’re just the one small print shop.

We’re the one that does everything.”

With the help of a Canadian printer and a local business, the couple is planning to open a second print shop, this one in the Beelises Hills area, next year.

The print shop is designed to be easy to use, and Lily says it is also an excellent way to start learning about the printing process.

“I can’t stress enough how important it is to learn to print with your hands,” said Lori.

“And to learn how to do it with a partner is even more important.”

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