When ‘platinum’ doesn’t get you anywhere: ‘Platinum’ printer says the future of printing is at risk

A new “platinum” printer in Brooklyn is taking aim at the industry, and its competitors are quick to jump in.

In a press release, Brooklyn’s Platinum Print House said its printers are designed for “the ultimate in performance, accuracy and quality.”

“Platinum” means “print on demand,” and the company has since been in business for a few years.

But its owners say it’s been making the printing process easier and cheaper for the public.

The press house says its printers have a lifetime warranty, and their prices are lower than most other printers.

The company’s owners have also been outspoken in their criticisms of the current crop of printers, which are used primarily for printing books, journals and books with high margins.

They’ve also raised concerns about the quality of the printing equipment used.

But some critics are concerned about the new printers.

A group called the American Printing Association says the new machines are “an expensive, overpriced and poorly made piece of equipment.”

The press house has been making a point of emphasizing its reputation for high-quality printing, but critics say the press house’s printers are a low-cost option that can’t compete with the high-end printers used by some of the country’s most well-known publishers.

The printers’ designers have been making their products available to the public at low prices for years, but there have been recent incidents in which the printers have been stolen.

According to the press shop’s website, Platinum prints are made by a team of skilled professionals, with a focus on making high-grade printers.

It says the printers are made in a facility in Brooklyn, and it’s in partnership with some of New York’s top printing companies.

The press shop says the current batch of printers are “among the best in the world” and have “a lifetime warranty.”

But it has faced accusations of “inflating prices and overcharging” in the past.

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