How to be a professional footballer – the real life story of Matt Hughes

The first time he heard that his name had been called out on a matchday, he thought: ‘This is really weird’.

It was September 2011, and Hughes was a 17-year-old rising junior footballer at Liverpool.

He had been born in Manchester and lived with his family in the town of Bournemouth.

At first, he was delighted to be asked to take part in the Premier League match at Anfield, but his first instinct was to be patient.

It was a friendly game between two of the best teams in the country and a home crowd was expecting an entertaining game.

But Hughes did not feel like a normal teenager and his reaction to being called into action was a surprise.

“It was like a shock to me because I hadn’t even realised that was happening,” he told Sky Sports.

Hughes was told he was called into the Liverpool team room by manager Brendan Rodgers, who had just been promoted to manager, and asked to help out.

Hugles told Sky Sport: “I didn’t know anything about it at all.”

His response: ‘It’s a bit weird.’

So how did it happen?

He says he had not thought about the game he would be playing until Rodgers told him that he would get a call-up to the squad.

“I was in the team room for a minute and I thought: What is going on?

I’ve just got to go and play.

I was just a normal kid who was happy to get the call-ups and play,” Hughes said.”

So when I heard that it was a Liverpool team call, I was really surprised.”

You’re a 17 year-old kid in a big league who wants to play, you get called into a team room and they’re telling you that you’re not going to play.

“But you’re really surprised when they say it and you’re like: ‘I thought I was going to get called up?

That’s pretty cool.'”

The moment he knew it was the Liverpool squad callingHe said he was not a football fan by nature but he found out his name was being called out in the squad room.

“When I heard the announcement it was like: Wow, that’s pretty weird,” he said.’

I’ve never been called up’Hughes said it was not something he had expected, but he was glad to be part of it.

“To be honest, I had never been approached to be called up to the Liverpool side.

I had been in the England squad for a couple of games, so it was very natural that I was on the England team.”

That was pretty cool.

“Then I was asked to go up and play a couple more games and it was just amazing.”

They called me up to go out and play for Liverpool, so I’m really grateful that they called me.

“Hughes has scored two goals in the opening four matches of the Premier Ligue 1 season

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