When we’re not building homes, we’re building houses: Why the tech world is investing in the house design trend

When we think of “house design,” we think about sleek, clean, and utilitarian.

And while that’s certainly the look, the process of building a home has always been complicated.

While the basic design of the home is often pretty straightforward, there are a lot of elements that are out of place, or that can be a challenge.

In the new Recode podcast, Recode Editor-in-Chief Kara Swisher breaks down what people are building and how they’re doing it.

The house, of course, is at the top of the list, but there’s also a lot going on around it.

“When I’m designing a house, I try to go into that space and think about the elements that we want to put in there,” she said.

For example, the interior space in a house is often the largest part of the space, and a lot happens in that space.

“I try to think about what the kitchen is going to look like and what the bathroom is going in there, and how the living room and bedroom and living room are going to interact with one another,” Swisher said.

She went on to discuss the process, and it’s definitely a good place to start.

“For example,” she noted, “you have to figure out what’s going to be a bathroom, what’s what going to get to the living space, what needs to be done in the living area.”

That’s where the tech industry is making waves.

There are a ton of people who are building homes using 3D-printing and other technologies, but it’s also making a lot more sense to build them using the traditional methods of building.

That’s because of the benefits that can come with it, like a lot less waste, fewer materials to break down, and faster prototyping.

There’s a whole bunch of new home building trends in the works, so it’s not like everyone is building the same home.

Swisher shared her own design process and why she thinks there’s so much innovation happening in the tech space.

“I think we have a lot to learn from people who aren’t building these kinds of homes,” she explained.

“We’re not really thinking about building them in a traditional way.

We’re not thinking about the architecture of the house.

We don’t even have the concept of how a house should be designed.

We have these tools, but we don’t know what they do.”

Swisher said that’s why she’s really excited to see people building houses using new technologies.

“In a lot [of cases], you can just get to work on a house.

And we’re doing the exact same thing right now,” she told Recode.

“But in a lot cases, you can do that much more.

We just need to get that idea down, get that concept out of the building, and start making houses.”

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