The print house cardi: ‘This place will survive’

On Sunday, a few weeks after the print house opened in the heart of Cardigan town, the news was greeted with a standing ovation as it was confirmed that the new print house will survive, even as the residents of the neighbourhood where the print shop is located continue to lament the loss of the once-thriving business.

According to the owner of the printing house, the building was being converted into a residence in January.

The building is owned by an association of owners and the owner has been given permission to convert the building into a place of residence.

The printing house will continue to be a place for residents to gather and exchange ideas.

According to the newspaper, the owners have received permission from the city to continue to operate the printing shop, even after the conversion.

The print house is located in the central part of Cardigans neighbourhood.

According the newspaper’s source, the printing store was a place where people could exchange ideas, where they could meet each other and exchange news.

But the place is no more, according to the article.

The printing house is one of the most prominent printing establishments in Cardigans, known for its high quality and prints that have been exported to the world, according the newspaper.

The print shop has a long history in Cardigan.

According, the first printing shop in Cardigas, founded in the 19th century, was located in Cardi’s neighbourhood.

The business opened in 1951 and in the next 10 years, the print office and the building were converted into residences.

In 2012, the new printing office was shut down by the owners of the building, which is now a residence.

“The printing shop has been closed for almost 30 years.

The owners of it have refused to let us reopen it and the premises is vacant now,” said the owner, who did not wish to be identified.

The newspaper added that a lot of work is being done to make it habitable.

“We are in the process of building a new printing shop for Cardigans.

We are trying to get permission from local authorities for the building to be converted into housing,” said Mr Prabhu.

The paper quoted the owner as saying that the building had been converted into “a residence for the owners and owners of Cardigans printing shop”, and that the owners had refused to allow them to continue operating the building.

“They have been trying to convert it to a place to host an office and they have also refused to give permission for us to reopen it.

We have to leave the premises because we cannot renew our lease,” the owner said.

The owners of that building, the newspaper added, said they have been facing the loss for almost two decades.

“Our business has been declining for more than 50 years and we have not been able to make any progress.

We will have to sell our premises,” the proprietor said.

According the newspaper article, the owner and the owners refused to meet with the paper, saying that they had been planning to turn the building back into a home for some time.

“We are not sure if we will be able to keep this place open and we will have a very sad news,” said a resident of the Cardigan neighbourhood who did the talking.

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