How to Get an Arts Print Press in Georgia

When the art print press is no longer a fixture in the local community, its ability to generate revenue can be a critical part of the future of a business.

But when a local business is forced to shutter due to a lack of print jobs, the loss of a traditional outlet can be devastating.

A few months ago, Georgia’s Art Print Press was one of the last print shops left in the state.

But the company has since been replaced by a new print house that has recently made it to the national spotlight.

The new owners are Georgia State University Press, and the press is now part of Georgia’s Printhouse Community.

In an interview with Fox News, the owner of the Georgia State Printhouse, Dr. Eric E. O’Keefe, said the new print shop is a welcome addition to the community and a “significant boost for the state’s economy.”

The new print company, O’keefe said, is the result of months of hard work by the Georgia Tech faculty and students.

“We’ve been working for months to bring our brand of printmaking and printing to Georgia and make it available to everyone,” O’Keefe said.

“We’re proud of the work we’ve done here, and we’re excited to be a part of it.”

The Georgia State printhouse was founded in 2014 by the graduate students of Georgia Tech’s College of Journalism and Mass Communication.

According to its website, it serves the students and faculty of the College of Arts and Sciences, Georgia Tech, the Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia State, the University of Georgia, Georgia Technical University, Georgia Southern University, and Georgia State College of Law.

In addition to providing print jobs for students and staff, the company also offers classes on printmaking, photography, graphic design, illustration, and more.

O’Keefe said that the new Georgia State printshop will continue to be “a vibrant, welcoming place for artists and their creative teams.”

O’Keefe said that there is “an ongoing dialogue” among the Georgia Printhouse community and with the Printhouse’s new owner.

“The printshop has always been open to our students and their artistic teams,” he said.

“As soon as this acquisition of Georgia State Press took place, we began to look at our future.”

O ‘Keefe’s company, Georgia Print Press, will be the third print house in the United States to go online.

Georgia’s first, Artprint, was launched in the spring of 2016, and its second, Georgia Arts Print House, was established in 2018.

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