‘Funny’: Texas school’s new school district has an annual budget of $100 million

A new Texas school district will have an annual $100-million budget, an unprecedented level of funding for the district that has seen enrollment plummet as it struggles to find funding for new buildings and other maintenance projects.

The Texas Tribune reports that the new district was approved by the state Legislature in January and was funded by a bond issued by the Texas Education Agency (TEA).

The TEA is a state agency that distributes public money to local districts.

The TEA, in turn, gets most of the funding from local taxpayers.

The new district will be one of several that are looking to raise millions more in funding in the coming years.

But some districts are looking at cutting funding to the schools in the district, such as the Dallas Public Schools (DPS) district in Texas, as a way to save money.

“The district will need more money to maintain and upgrade its facilities,” a DPS spokesman told the Tribune.

“We will be looking at ways to increase the number of teachers, support students and support other school districts in the region.”

The new district is expected to start accepting students in April, but the school district says it is still working to find additional funding for maintenance and building improvements.

Teachers in the DPS district have been on strike since April to demand better pay, better conditions, more classroom space and other improvements.

In the past, the DPS has found ways to reduce the cost of building a new building, but this time the district has opted to use bond funds to do so.

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