How to get your name into the best book cover ever

The cover of your new book is the most important part of the sales process, according to some.

You should also take care to create a great cover.

It’ll sell more copies, and you’ll have more positive publicity for your book.

The best cover comes from people who are good writers.

“The first time I ever got a cover, I just put it on a blackboard,” says Emily Schonfeld, a writer from California.

“I didn’t even know what it was.

I put it and it was a perfect cover.

I was like, Wow, this is awesome.

I can’t wait to put it in my books!”

Here are 10 tips to get a great book cover: 1.

Create an original concept.

“Think of the book,” says Schonold.

“It should be original.

You want it to look different from anything else in your portfolio.

It should have something to do with the story, the theme, the author.”


Use a logo or text you love.

“A great logo or a great font is what gets people to buy your book,” she says.

“If you have something on your cover that is just perfect, it’s going to get people to read it.

It’s not about the cover.”


Get creative.

“You can’t be an old-school author and just have your best work,” says Stephanie Seltzer, author of The New Book, who has published dozens of titles.

“Just don’t do that.”

“I love a good cover because it says, This is what I want people to see,” she adds.

“But you also have to be honest about what you’re trying to say, and that’s going back to the fundamentals of your book.”

“Make it your book’s mission to be the best, which is to have a story that’s interesting, and make it relevant to the audience you’re talking to,” says Seltzers.


Put your personality front and center.

“When you’re pitching a book, you have to make sure that your personality is on the front and foremost,” says Mandy Johnson, founder of Seltzzer & Associates, a marketing agency that works with authors.

“Because if you don’t put that on the cover, you’re not going to have people who read your book and think, ‘Oh, that’s the person I want to read this book by.'”


Think outside the box.

“People are reading your book because they want to be able to relate to what you are trying to convey to them,” says Johnson.

“They’re not reading it because they’re looking for a particular story or theme.

They’re reading it to understand what your book is about.”


Have a story in mind when you design the cover.

“There’s a certain element of what you want to say in the cover that’s so important,” says J.K. Rowling, author who wrote the Harry Potter series.

“Sometimes you need to be really precise, and sometimes you need some creativity.

But it’s very important to make a clear point.

It has to be clear enough so people understand what it’s about.”


Make sure you’re ready for the launch of your title.

“For me, the best thing I can do is I’m a writer first and foremost.

I want my book to be a really great book, but I want it be really good as well,” says Rowling.

“Once I get my book out, I want all of my fans to know that I’m going to make it their book.”


Take some time to think about your cover. If you don

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