‘The Last Jedi’: The best Star Wars toys of 2018

Disney is rolling out three new Star Wars figures at its Toy Fair 2018 event in Orlando this week, bringing us a fresh take on the beloved Star Wars franchise.

The first three figures will be a pair of BB-8s, which are a pair to look forward to for fans of the franchise, as well as an AT-AT walker droid.

The walker comes in a full-size version, as opposed to a miniature version, and is part of a new range of AT-STs.

The second figure, a droid that’s part of the “Darth Vader Collection” will be available for a limited time on November 16.

Both of these new figures come in sets of five, each of which will be priced at $25.99 and feature interchangeable hands.

Check out all the details on the new toys and collectibles on the Toys to Life website.

The Disney store is hosting a special Star Wars-themed auction on November 13 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., where you can purchase up to six sets of four Star Wars figure sets, six sets, and a set of four “Bounty Hunter” figures.

The auction will also include an “Ultimate Collector’s Edition” featuring a selection of six of the sets, a collector’s box, a commemorative stamp, a “Star Wars” pin, a T-shirt, and more.

Disney is also introducing a new Star War-themed attraction at the Disneyland Resort, called Star Tours, which will offer a Star Wars spin-off experience on the Space Mountain rides.

You can expect to see Star Tours characters from the original films and characters from The Force Awakens and Rogue One in the new attraction, which opens on November 19.

Like many of the Star Wars characters, the new Disney-branded Star Wars rides will feature new features.

The new Star Tours Star Tours World Tour attraction is set to open on November 26, but Disney hasn’t announced a specific date.

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