Why we like the HousePrint Dress – a dress printed from scratch

A photo of the original print dress that the house made in 2009.

The house was one of the first to use digital printing.

“It’s a beautiful dress and we did it for the ladies,” says house designer and house print dress designer Chris Smith.

“And I’m so proud of it.”

The dress was printed from two original, original pieces of paper.

“We printed the original piece of paper to make sure that it’s the exact size, and then the printer took it and cut it up to make it smaller,” he says.

The print dress is one of many in the house.

The designer says the dress is a testament to how much women have been influenced by print, as well as the fact it’s a modern design.

“Women can make things like this and it’s so powerful, and it speaks to the history of how women have worked,” he said.

The HousePrint dress was made from two pieces of original paper.

The dress can be made to fit a man’s frame.

“I think it’s an amazing thing to have,” says Mr Smith.

The paper is made of paper, plastic and recycled fabric.

“There are so many people in Australia that have this print dress,” he explains.

“The first print dress was in the late 1800s.

And then the fashion in the 1970s and 1980s started to change.

And I think it reflects that.”

The print dresses are available online and at a select number of other Australian house designers.

The HousePrint dresses are a great example of how print can be used to celebrate the history and influence of women.

“It’s really interesting, I’ve had women say, ‘I don’t think it was my time,'” he says, “but it’s just the beginning of women’s printing in Australia.

And they can make their own stuff, and I think they’ll be able to take it with them when they move to Australia.”

You can find the House Print dress on the design site, the design magazine, the house and the house design.


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