How to build your own home

A few days ago, I came across a house built by a group of builders and home buyers.

The design was so simple that I wanted to learn how to build it.

This is what I learned from this house.


Build a house from the ground up.

This was the first thing I did when I went to buy a house in Delhi, a city with the highest number of slum dwellers in the country.

I wanted something simple to build from the bottom up.

I decided to start with a wooden plank with a floor of bricks and a roof.

I added some boards, a ceiling and some pylons.2.

Build walls and doors.

I chose a slab of 2 feet by 4 feet that I found on the floor of a shed in a neighbourhood I knew.

I didn’t want to build a house that would be too big and heavy.

Instead, I wanted a house to stand on.3.

Start from the inside.

The plan was to start from the top and then expand outwards.

I had already built a house at home.

I needed a little help.4.

Add stairs.

To build the house, I had to add stairs.

The stairs were about 6 inches high.

I was so happy that I added them.5.

Add windows.

My first house I bought, in Mumbai, had windows that were too big.

I couldn’t get a decent window for it because it was too small.

My house had a few windows and I wanted more.

I built an extra one, and added a window for the house.6.

Add a roof, stairs and windows.

I knew the roof was going to be big, so I built a big roof.

It was the most expensive part of the project.

The only reason I didn.t finish it was because I had too many bricks in the wall.

It took a long time to finish it.

I still had to build stairs and roof.7.

Add doors.

It had to be built from the outside, so, I made some doors from the sides and from the side walls.

I also had to make some holes to connect the walls.8.

Start adding windows.

The windows had to open from the other side.

I did this from the window facing.9.

Build stairs.

I used wooden planks that I picked up from the street.10.

Add roofs.

The roof had to start at the back of the house and go up through the middle of the building.11.

Add stairways.

These were just planks I picked from the back.12.

Start the kitchen.

I tried to build one of these as well.

It did not work because I could not find a suitable planks.13.

Add the kitchen sink.

I picked one of the kitchen sinks that was on the street, and used it to make the sink.14.

Start with the bathroom.

I went for a bathtub.

I started with a brick floor, but later added an open window.15.

Add all the stairs.

When the house was complete, I built the stairs to the second floor and the roof to the third floor.16.

Start building the house from below.

I took a picture of the plan for the kitchen, and then went back to the drawing board to see if I could get a better plan for it.17.

Add walls.

To finish the house in the next week, I went back and built the walls and added windows.18.

Start working on the roof.

The house was only 5 feet wide.

I bought some planks from a local store and then glued them together with glue sticks.19.

Add flooring.

I made the flooring myself.

I have done this several times in the past.

I am very happy with the result.20.

Add kitchen sink and bathtub19.

Build the living room.

This house was so huge that I needed to add a kitchen sink that could fit into the kitchen area.

I only had one room.

I filled the space with a big, dark, wooden table.21.

Start making the living rooms.

I ended up with a very simple living room with a single chair.

I could put a bookcase on it, and I could even make some light tables.22.

Build kitchen.

The kitchen was not big enough.

It needed a bigger space.

I found a lot of planks on the ground.

I just glued them to each other with glue.23.

Add wall to the living areas.

I thought the wall would be on the back wall.

I kept thinking about that wall, and when I finished it, I thought it would be a little bit more.24.

Build bathroom.

The bathroom was just 2 feet wide, and the door to the bathroom was a little more than 3 feet wide and it would only have to fit through the window.25.

Add bathrooms.

I never built bathrooms in my house because there was no space.

The walls are all made from planks and I have to glue

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