How Kleinster’s ‘Orientals’ will change your printing industry

A print shop that prints with ink and has a strong presence in the community is becoming more commonplace across Canada, thanks in part to a $100 million partnership between the Kleinster family of printers and the Canadian Printing Institute.

Orientales print shop is the second printing house to announce a partnership with the Canadian Press Institute, which has a mandate to improve access to high-quality printing materials.

The Kleinsters were among a group of print shop owners who received the grant to create print-on-demand products that can be delivered in time for their customers’ holidays, said Kevin Kleinster, president of Kleinster Printing.

The $100-million-plus grant will allow Kleinster to launch new products, such as a new ink-based printer that will create a digital, printed document.

Ongoing research will be used to help make the printers more efficient and less expensive to operate, Kleinster said.

The institute is also partnering with several Canadian online retailers and other print shop partners to make print-and-play products available online.

The print shop will continue to operate as a standalone business, Klein, 41, said, but will focus on the online space.

Kleinster and his father, Kevin, run Kleinster Print and Paper in Otter Lake, Ont.

The family is now in the process of expanding its business to the digital printing space, and it has signed a new agreement with an online retailer, he said.

It also has a contract with a local printing company that will produce ink-jet printers, inkjet ink, and laser printers, Klein said.

Kleinster also is exploring partnerships with online retailers.

He expects the partnership with a Canadian company will help reduce costs for customers, and also provide him with revenue that he will use to help offset the costs of his printing business.

The family also plans to explore new ways to help the community in the future, Klein also said.

The Kleinsters have a history of supporting the local community in printmaking and printing.

They started Kleinster in the 1960s and have made it their mission to make printing accessible to as many people as possible.

The company has since expanded into digital printing, which enables customers to print and print-print-print at the same time.

The Canadian Press has made the Kleinsters the poster children of its mission to reduce the cost of printing by increasing the efficiency of its machines and improving print-quality, said Tim Worsley, senior vice president for communications and public affairs at the Canadian Public Press.

Older printing presses still are very efficient and have high efficiency margins, but the Kleinstresses are now looking at a new era of printing that can offer a more flexible and efficient option, Worsage said.

While the Kleinsts have a strong print-making base, the company is seeing its business grow.

Kleinsthes products are being used in print shops in the United States and Europe.

Oceanside’s Kleinster is now offering a digital-printing option.

“We are going to continue to look at ways to expand in this space,” Kleinster added.

“It’s really important to have local businesses like ours and other smaller businesses that have been able to get into the printing space.”

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