A New York-Style CEDAR HOUSE printer’s dream

A CEDar House printer’s life is not unlike that of a family business owner: they work long hours, get little sleep, spend hours on end on the phone, and have no money for anything else.

But for the family of Aaron M. Gans, a retired professor at the University of Rochester, CEDars house printing business is a dream come true.

Gans has a passion for printing his own books, but he is currently working on a new book called “Bastard in the Garden,” a collection of his poetry.

The book, which he is calling the “Bard of the CEDARS,” will be published in July.

Gers new endeavor comes after he and his wife, Jennifer, were in the process of selling their home.

Jennifer had worked in book publishing for several years and had been searching for a way to pay the bills.

She found a company in Rochester that makes printers and sold it to Gans for $4,500.

The rest of the proceeds went to pay for his education.

Jennifer says they never expected to sell their home and had to turn to their friends to help them out.

Gays book sales will allow him to get a higher education.

He was able to take classes in business management, accounting, and law, all while still attending college.

He says he is now able to pay his bills and keep his home.

Gals new business is called the “CEDAR House Printing House.”

It is an artist’s dream come real, says Gans.

He has been able to bring home income and support his family, and now has a new home and a new purpose.

Gams creative side is not limited to the books.

His new venture is also the source of his first comic book, “The Bard of the Cotton Fields.”

The book will be released by the company in July, and will be available for sale through the Cedars store.

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