Why is this company in trouble?

A printer who has been accused of printing counterfeit stamps has been found to be running a printing house online.

The company was named by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) after a complaint from the Australian Printing Industry Association (APIA) that the printer’s office was using fake stamps.

The print company was identified in documents filed by ASIC against the company that runs the printing house, and is also listed on a list of Australian companies with allegedly infringing trademarks.

A spokesperson for the APIA told CoinDesk the printer is in “serious” trouble and that it is “extremely disappointed by this matter”.

“We have been very critical of the actions of the company,” the spokesperson said.

“The APIA was very clear that this is a serious issue that should not be tolerated.

We strongly encourage all companies to take the necessary action to protect their trademarks.”APIA president Peter Cawthon told CoinWatch that he had heard of “several instances” of the printer running a print shop online, and that the company had received “multiple” complaints about the printing company.

The printing company had already been listed on the Australian Register of Corporations, and was listed on ASIC’s list of “serious infringers”.

The company is listed on Australia’s Financial Services Commission’s (FSC) blacklist of companies whose activities breach the law.AAPIA is also an Australian member of the FSC.

The APIAS alleges that the printing firm was running a business under the name Prints and Printing Services Australia Ltd.

The ASIC has launched a civil investigation into the printing business, which is believed to be in the print shop.

The printer is believed by the ASIC to be registered in New South Wales, Australia.

The Australian Printing Board has been told the printing shop was run out of the premises of a Sydney printer, which also happens to be owned by the printer, and had the printing service under the control of a company registered in Singapore.

The ASIC has asked ASIC for the names of the owners of the print house and printing service, as well as the address of the printing office, to be shared with the AFP and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

The AFP and ACCC declined to comment.

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