How the government’s ‘park printing house’ has become a model for other public-private partnerships in Quebec

On April 4, 2018, a group of municipal officials from across the province signed off on a partnership with the Montreal-based park printing firm ParkPrinting.

It’s a $1.5-billion, 10-year, public-benefit agreement that will fund a new downtown park and will provide park staff with more flexible hours, a better way to organize and track employees’ shifts and better access to information and services.

This is the first time the province has entered into such a partnership.

ParkPrintings will pay $1 million annually over the next 10 years for its employees to live and work in the new park, which is part of the City of Montreal’s $2.2-billion revitalization project.

The park will be called The Park, after the French words for “peace, harmony and love.”

It will include a fitness centre, sports fields, classrooms, an amphitheatre and outdoor seating for 50,000 people.

The city will be responsible for the construction and maintenance of the park.

Its budget is $1,250,000 annually, which will be shared with the provincial government.

The government has already earmarked $1 billion for parks in the province, and this new park partnership should bring some of the provincial spending into line with other public spaces, like parks in Toronto.

“The park printing houses will provide us with an excellent example for other municipal governments in Canada to follow,” said Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre, who introduced the park printing partnership with a speech in Ottawa.

This is one of the many lessons from the park-printing-house debacle in the 1990s, when the city of Toronto paid out millions of dollars to the ParkPrintING company to build parks in a failed bid to revive downtown Toronto. “

We can’t afford to sit on the sidelines when we are facing serious threats to our public safety and our public parks.”

This is one of the many lessons from the park-printing-house debacle in the 1990s, when the city of Toronto paid out millions of dollars to the ParkPrintING company to build parks in a failed bid to revive downtown Toronto.

The ParkPrint printing house, which was founded by the late Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Coderres in 1992, had a reputation for high-tech, high-quality, and cost-effective park design.

The company was criticized for its high costs, especially for its park printing service.

It was forced to close the printing facility after it was hit with a $5.6-million debt.

The Canadian Press reported in 2017 that, a Toronto-based firm that prints park design and public artwork, was among the firms that sued the city in the Park Print controversy.

In a statement, ParkPrint said the company “takes its responsibility to the public seriously” and that it “continues to work closely with the City and City of Toronto to support their efforts to restore Toronto’s iconic parks and historic neighbourhoods.”

ParkPrint has since opened an office in Ottawa and is seeking to open another one in Quebec City.

The partnership will create an additional 3,000 park positions and will include $750,000 to create the park’s website and a training program.

The Montreal mayor said the partnership should also help to build “a more diverse workforce of park designers and park professionals” to improve accessibility to parks.

“This partnership with The Park will enable us to create a more inclusive and inclusive environment for our parks and park staff,” said Councillor Martine Ouellet, who is responsible for municipal parks and parks and recreation.

“I know our municipal park staff are excited to work with The Parks, a company which has worked tirelessly to revitalize their parks in recent years.”

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