New print house signs in Sydney’s CBD will come with a print price of $1.25

Posted October 16, 2018 10:20:37 A new print house sign will be on display in the Sydney CBD, a sign that will cost a few dollars and come with an option to print the sign yourself.

The signage is a collaboration between the City of Sydney and a print house in Victoria, who will put the sign up in the CBD from October 19.

The sign features a small print of the word Sydney printed on the side of a black-and-white photograph of the city, with a blue-and green text in red letters across the top.

The word Sydney will also appear in bold text across the bottom of the sign, where the print price is $1,250.

The new sign has been approved by the City, but it will still have to go through a formal approval process before it can be put up.

The City says it is working with the print house to ensure the sign is up by October 31.

If you want to take part in the campaign, you can sign up to get your hand printed at the print shop or email [email protected] and it will be delivered to your doorstep in early October.

“We are working with print houses across Australia and New Zealand to create a printable sign that reflects the city’s diversity,” City of New South Wales Chief Executive Officer David Leitch said.

“The signage will also include a number of new features that reflect the changing times in the city.”

Our hope is that these signs will give people in Sydney a sense of pride, that they can have a print-ready sign that says Sydney and reflect the diverse Sydney that has grown and thrived over the past decade.

“New print house: The sign that goes up in Sydney, October 19, 2018, from Sydney Printhouse.

Photo: Supplied It is the second time a print shop in Sydney has taken part in a sign-making campaign, after a small one in the outer suburbs of the CBD in October 2017.

A small print shop at St Vincent’s Church, which sells handmade art and other handmade goods, will also be hosting a signmaking workshop in September.

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