India’s new home printing service will not make any changes

Indian home printing has long been considered a luxury, but a new service called the Indian print will make it even more so.

Home printing will be completely different from its current incarnation, which was started by the Bharatiya Janata Party in 2014, with its aim of offering a service that people want to use.

The service will be run by the Indian Printing House, which has been set up to promote printing and digitalisation of printed materials, and aims to be the first online printing service for home users.

The service is being launched with the aim of helping people use the same printer to print their own things in their homes, said Suman Kaur, co-founder of the Indian printing house.

In a bid to increase productivity, Kaur said, the company will offer a new feature for the users to save their print jobs and print again later.

“It will allow people to save the print jobs so that they can reuse them later, or print something else, and we will offer that feature for free,” Kaur told The Hindu.

Instead of a physical printing press, the service will rely on a mobile app.

The company has set up an online platform for people to upload their prints to.

This will be the most convenient way to print, said Anil Madhav, managing director, India at Deloitte India.

A similar service was launched in the US in 2016, but its user base was small and it wasn’t able to offer the same level of features as the new service.

Deloitte said that in the first quarter of 2019, print usage in India had grown by 6.7 per cent.

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