Day: June 17, 2021

Bluebird House prints on a budget, by Mike Dutton,

Bluebird Books, a small publisher that specializes in indie book titles, has announced plans to print books on a $100 budget for the holidays.Bluebird says the idea for the project came from an email from publisher and co-founder Mike Denton.Denton told The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette he was trying to make it more affordable for indie book […]

‘I don’t believe the guy who wrote that is a racist’: Black student’s Facebook rant is an example of how racism can affect us

I don’t know who the guy wrote that, but the fact is, the only thing we are seeing now is racism.The reason I’m saying that is because it is an extension of the same kind of racism that I’m seeing on social media.It is racism that is creating these divisions, which is why it is […]

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